Sunday Service

Services are held each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., with Communion generally on the first Sunday of the month. Services are normally over by 11:30 a.m.

CommunityEventBreakfastCrew4COccasionally, Old Parish Church holds other worship services for special holidays. For example, it has become customary to hold an Easter Sunrise service. Following the Easter Sunrise service our parishioners gather to cook and share a homemade pancake breakfast. In addition, each year we hold a special Christmas Eve evening service.

MusicEventKinhavenMusiciansandChoirDuring the summer months, the Kinhaven Music School Chamber Choir and its many young musicians regularly lend their talents during services at Old Parish Church. Their visits to our summer services are not to be missed.

We encourage you to visit our church and explore our services. Please see our “About” page for more information about the history of our wonderful Old Parish Church.


Music has long been a mainstay of the Weston community and Old Parish Church. It is a core dimension of Jon Bliss’ ministry, with his voice and guitar a frequent adjunct to Sunday services. On occasion Jon’s singer-songwriter friends, Will Danforth or Bob Franke, will help set the spiritual scene.

InChurchOrganPipesOrganist Carolyn Mullett leads the Old Parish Church Choir, a blend of native Vermonters, new Vermonters and second homeowners. Through the generosity of many friends, in 2005 the church acquired a new Ahlborn-Galanti Organ. Designed specifically for North American churches and organists, this modern electronic instrument simulates a variety of instruments and sounds very much like the pipe organ that preceded it.

Other Voices

Starting in the spring of 2007, most Old Parish Church services have included “Other Voices” readings. These provide an opportunity for members of the congregation to share material that has special meaning to them. Readings to date have included psalms, poems, songs and personal reflections.

Minister Jon Bliss describes the importance of the Other Voices in our services, as follows:

“For as long as ‘ecumenical’ has been part of the language-for as long as churches have claimed to welcome all worshipers regardless of creed-many of us in the Christian tradition have wrestled with a conundrum: Can you be everybody’s church if nobody crosses the divide between pew and podium? Can you really claim to be ‘open to all’ if you are not open to all points of view?

About a year ago, regular participants in our services began to cross that divide. Instead of just talking about being ecumenical, they started worshiping ecumenically. Members and friends began sharing with listeners the words that move, comfort, and inspire them. And something shifted inside us all.

Listening to this remarkable stream of witness, I am more than a little encouraged about the future of Western Christianity. I am encouraged because it seems to me that when people care enough about truth to risk speaking truth, they do more to enrich the ground of faith and the soil of worship than all the fancy words and grand claims set out by religious professionals.

One of my teachers in Divinity school was fond of saying that religion is the meeting place between reality and Mystery. I hope these words shared as Other Voices-bringing our reality and God’s Mystery together-continue to guide us and continue to help shape us into a true people’s church.”

Weddings and Memorial Services

Photo courtesy of Bob Aldrich

Old Parish Church is generally available for weddings and memorial services.

Please contact us to ask about the availability of the church and to get building use details.